HyperStratus Services

Strategy & Planning
HyperStratus helps companies create a comprehensive cloud computing strategy. Common engagements include: defining initial pilot or proof... more

HyperStratus offers cloud computing workshops designed to transfer knowledge and accelerate cloud initiatives. Three workshops make up the curriculum ...more

Cloud Architecture &
Application Design

HyperStratus consults with companies for the design and implementation of cloud environments or cloud-based applications. Typical projects ...more

Project Management & Implementation
HyperStratus is often engaged to oversee cloud computing projects and ensure they fulfill project objectives, system functionality, and schedule requirements... more

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Case Study
Learn about cloud architecture &TCO

Read how the Silicon Valley Education Foundation leveraged the cloud to improve application robustness and lower costs.


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Customer Speak

“Cloud computing requires new architectures, new applications, and new skills. Organizations like Sun Microsystems, Lazard Capital Partners, and the Silicon Valley Education Foundation rely on HyperStratus to help them move to the cloud”

Muhammed Chaudry
CEO, Silicon Valley Education Foundation

Typical Client Outcomes

Better choices of cloud providers and cloud application software components

Application architectures better suited for cloud computing environments

More secure cloud applications
Reduced IT costs

Applications aligned with business objectives